Co Co-axial Cables

Co-axial Cables

Description - Digital VSAT satellite telecom & Radio frequency co-axial cables, RG (radio guide) 6/59/58/11/213/8Auetc.

One advantage of co-axial - Electromagnetic field carrying the signals exist only in the space between the inner & outer conductors. Co-axial cables also provide protection of the signals from external electromagnetic interferences. Co-axial cables can differ from other shielded cables used for carrying lower signals, such as audio, signals.


  • Specially used in electronic & digital instrument wiring
  • CCTV & Audio Visual VSAT/DATA cabling recorder
  • Multi-location network or surfacing
  • Used for high frequency system for transmission & reception
  • Due to low attenuation values thus providing better & clear picture
  • Moisture does not seep into the cable
  • TV cables provides high bandwidth & ensures quality signals transmission, thus enabling reception of more channels than other cables
  • Reduce the number of amplifiers means lower the installation cost etc.

Special Features

  • 1.High bandwidth
  • 2.Low attenuation value
  • 3.Minimum structural return loss
  • Low loss in signal quality
  • Ideal power pass application
  • Clear in reception& reduced cross talk

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